WINGS mission lies in making good woman entrepreneurship initiatives accessible EU wide, while bridging the gap with local and/or national WE initiatives. Moreover, the project will stimulate female entrepreneurs, that converge in common goals in connecting, while offering them innovative learning and training tools.

Target group

WINGS outputs are aimed at women entrepreneurs, EU project managers, research teams in the same field, distance learning organizations, associations or consortia at the national or EU level, female national & regional networks, migrant women, public and private actors in the field of ICT and entrepreneurship. The main stakeholders are women entrepreneurs, distance learning organizations and EU project managers & research teams in the fields of ICT and entrepreneurship.
These target groups have been fully selected based on a thorough study of previously conducted studies and EU-funded projects.


The project’s aim is to create a strong, recognizable & sustainable EU-wide network & online platform for facilitating the access and share of existing learning and training offers to support women entrepreneurs. The objectives are :


to develop a unique EU network to facilitate ICT systems for learning, supporting & training women entrepreneurs bringing widespread visibility & maximizing the exploitation of innovative good practices in the field.


to strengthen the linkages between EU women entrepreneurs, project managers, learning communities, multipliers & society encouraging the knowledge & experience exchange via a multi-lingual EU one-stop-shop online platform, where valuable & innovative EU.


learning opportunities can be found & accessed at one place; to foster new business opportunities by creating a Virtual Market for E-commerce and facilitating international networking.


To fulfill the project main aims a set of specific objectives is planned:

  • Development of a multi-lingual EU one-stop-shop platform integrating existing learning and training offers to support women entrepreneurs categorized in modules according to the topic / geographical location of the valued offers gathered;
  • Definition of specific criteria to collect EU good practice initiatives and innovative project results in the categories of trainings, e-learning & self-study materials, e-coaching & mentoring of women entrepreneurs;
  • Implementation of a Virtual Market Place fostering E-commerce opportunities for EU women entrepreneurs providing additional market access & visibility for their companies & products;
  • Increase of awareness & appreciation of WE among EU members, also highlighting its relevance as sources of new employment;
  • Facilitation of a more inclusive environment for migrant women that want to start a business in a foreign country, dedicating a special module in the online platform to address their needs with the gathering of topic-related information;
  • Mainstreaming in all phases of the project assuring at least 50% female staff working in the project, including women entrepreneurs & migrant specialists in partnership;
  • Facilitation of International Roundtables aimed at project teams & coordinators, multipliers, associations, NGOs & policy makers to share knowledge & experience producing a long-term strategy for the progress of women entrepreneurs across EU;
  • Increase awareness of IT importance for knowledge sharing, networking & doing business among EU women entrepreneurs;
  • Use of ICT & innovative tools for the promotion of the project results, networking workshops, project meetings.

Advisory board

Mag.a Edith Zitz (Austria)

WINGS Advisory Board Edit Zitz

Has a focus on Gender and Diversity Mainstreaming, studied history, English and law in Austria and the USA, is specialized on the recognition of foreign qualification and public health issues. Born 1965 in Salzburg, works and lives in Graz.

Maria Claudia Costantini (Italy)

A Glottology major, Maria Claudia Costantini has been working since 1988 in the non-profit sector, where she carried out a number of activities in the area of social research , training and cultural activities.
Project designer and project manager of the Fondazione Risorsa Donna since 2004, Maria Claudia Costantini is engaged in the promotion and development of micro credit in Italy, the promotion women’s entrepreneurship as well as in the social and economic inclusion of women.
She collaborated in the research and special project activities of the Fondazione Risorsa Donna: “Rutas de oportunidades para las mujeres cooperativistas. Orientación, inclusión social y emprendimiento en Guatemala”, financed by IILA; the project entitled “Risorsa per lo sviluppo” aiming to implement action plans of technical assistance and support for business development in the local areas across the city of Rome); the project “Start up! Sostegno all’avvio di microimprese per donne non comunitarie” (to promote processes of cultural integration and awareness of locally available opportunities and resources, provide practical help for the birth and development of new competitive enterprises, support access to public and private financial resources); “Integrated services for the development of female economy” (aiming to carry out an integrated system of training and experimental services, this to support the development of the female economy in the area of Rome’s Province).
Regarding the theme of the promotion of equal opportunities, Maria Claudia worked as part of the research team of the Fondazione Risorsa Donna for two European projects: “TYR The Youngsters’ Reply. Comparison of different parental models” and “Women and media in Europe”.

Riccarda Zezza (Italy)

WINGS Advisory Board Reccarda Zezza

Social entrepreneur, 42 years, two children, for 15 years in large multinational companies in Italy (Pirelli, Microsoft, Banca Prossima - Intesa Sanpaolo Group) and abroad (Nokia) with roles in communication and project management. 
For two years, she is entrepreneur: she founded and she is the CEO of Piano C, a company established to innovate the work's organization and to generate sustainable social impact by facilitating emarginated talents back to the economy, such as women (in 2012, Piano C won the first prize as “Best social innovator in Europe”, awarded by the European Investment Bank).

Alla Witwicka-Dudek (Poland)

WINGS Advisory Board Alla Witwicka-Dudek

Career advisor, trainer with over 15 years of experience in working with business clients, higher education institutions and college students. She is a certified ICC coach and specializes in career coaching. She conducted a number of advisory projects and training courses in personal and professional development, effective functioning in labor market, employee branding, mentoring. She is a member of Advisory Board of WINGS project; coordinator of the international project “Study-in-Wroclaw”, works as the Career Service Manager at the Wroclaw University of Economics.

Carmen Cuello (Spain)

WINGS Advisory Board Carmen Cuello

Born in Seville in 1979, Carmen has a degree in Business Administration from the University of Seville and a Masters in Society, Administration and Politics from the Pablo de Olavide University.
She is the Deputy Director of the Andalusian Institute of Youth in the Regional Ministry of Equality, Health and Social Policies since 2012, and is also a municipal councillor of Castilleja de la Cuesta (Seville) since 2011. In the Regional Administration Carmen Cuello was also Chief of Cabinet of the Department of Employment (2011-2012). She previously worked in the management of financial services in the private sector and was responsible for the purchasing department of RGD Mape Group.

Gülşen Akman

WINGS Advisory Board Gülşen Akman

After five years private sector experience , she started her academic carier at Industrial Engineering in Kocaeli University. She is an assistant professor. She has 17 years academic carier. She has BS degree from Yıldız Technical University, Master degree from Istanbul Technical University, PHD degree From Gebze Institue of Technology. She made her post doc study at Industrial Engineering Department in Pennsylvenia State University in USA. In order to develop herself, she attended many seminarprograms. Her research areas are Innovation and technology management, development of entrepreneurship among undergraduated industrial enginerring students. Additionally, product development , effectiveness of product development teams, project management topics are among her research topics. She worked in some national and international projects. For example “International Support for Vocational and Academic Guidance Staff”, EU Project. She is 43 years old and has two children.

Dorien Zelderloo (Belgium)

WINGS Advisory Board Dorien Zelderloo

Dorien Zelderloo is Project Coordinator at Markant vzw. Her career started at Voka – Chamber of commerce - as a diversity consultant in large companies and she developed herself as an expert on labour market issues. At Voka she was responsible for new and ongoing projects, management of a project team and taking care of needs of the labour market in the regions Flemish Brabant and Brussels. In 2008 she went on a true adventure, traveling from Brussels to Cape Town with a jeep. Nowadays she is project coordinator at Markant vzw, where she manages, together with her project team, projects about entrepreneurship of women and gender issues.

Dr. Lyn Batchelor (United Kingdom)

WINGS Advisory Board Lyn Batchelor

Lyn came to academia after an eclectic mix of business experience. She began her working life as a photojournalist in a daily newspaper, leaving that to start a successful retail motorcycle business with her (then) husband, an Australian Superbike Champion. Following that she balanced retail buying and management with management consulting while studying part-time for a BBus in Management and Human Resource Management. While studying full-time for her next qualification in Employment Relations, she began working as a tutor in both Marketing and Industrial Relations at Griffith University, in Queensland, Australia.
Her first UK appointment at the University of Aberdeen in 2006, saw her take the lead on the MSc Management, Enterprise and Innovation and Change. She also taught business start-up and business development at MA and MSc level in Scotland as well as research methods for a MSc Marketing Research degree. Her PhD is in Organisation Studies. Lyn joined the University of Chichester for the start of the 2010-2011 academic year. Lyn leads on the enterprise education activities within the School of Enterprise, Management and Leadership (SEMAL) and across the University. 

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